JAG Headshot May 15I am a Family Physician, based in Kingston, Canada. For the past several years  some of my work has taken me internationally, first to post-war Bosnia and Herzegovina and later to East Africa with the McGill Canadian Field Studies in Africa programme.

This blog will mainly include my perspectives on things African that have intrigued or moved me but also on thoughts and observations that are part of the rest of my life – travel, theatre and life in general.

My interest in Development work in Africa has grown…exponentially…in the past five years. I am a founding trustee and Director of Operations of the CanAssist African Relief Trust, a registered Canadian Charity that funds infrastructure development in communities in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania.

Our CanAssist web page is at http://canassistafrica.ca if you are interested in learning more about us or  you can follow us on Twitter (canassistafrica) or Facebook (CanAssist African Relief Trust)

You can contact me about the work we are doing in Africa at john.geddes@canassistafrica.ca

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