Stepping out. Taking notice.

Over the past several years I have blogged about many topics – travel, philanthropy, African adventures, Bosnia and Herzegovina and even recipes.

In the next few months, I am going to try something new.

For the past year or more, I have been aiming to walk at least 10,500 steps a day, an equivalent of about 7 kilometres. I have met (and exceeded) this goal at least 95% of the time, and in the past 12 months have walked about 5,000,000 steps – over 3200 km. This is the equivalent of walking from Kingston to Chicago and on to Regina Saskatchewan. Half way across Canada.

I am hoping that this investment in energy will keep me fit as I enter my 70’s.

And. as you might know by now, l also enjoy taking photos with my iPhone as I walk.

So I am am planning that, over the next few months, while the weather is good for walking, I will post every few days with a photos of some of the places I have walked and what I have seen along the way.

Last month I saw a movie called The World Before Your Feet about a fellow named Matt Green who decided to walk on every street in the five buroughs of New York City. It gave me that idea that, on a lesser scale, I could do the same around Kingston, Ontario, my home town.

So I have a map of the city and my initial objective will be to eventually walk every street in the Kingston City core from the Cataraqui Creek to the Cataraqui River and from the 401 to the lake. Along the way I will stop from time to time to soak up new things…and take some photos. I also walk a lot when I travel so there will be some travel walking thrown in as well. I will share my observations, thoughts and photos as I step out and take notice of the streets I wander through.

If you want to follow along with me, you can subscribe to the blog and get notice when I put up a new post. Or better yet, join me to explore a neighbourhood, maybe even yours.


Click Here for Week 1

Week 2

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