African Butterflies

Red butterflyMy last blog about the Monarch Butterfly and Africa got me looking through photos I have taken of Butterflies in Africa.  Good segue into this one which will only be butterfly photos – give you a reading break.  I have enjoyed chasing butterflies all over Kenya and Uganda to get their pictures – more challenging than photographing giraffes. Butterflies don’t stay still for long.

I even wrote a children’s book for my grandchildren based on butterflies in Kibale Forest, Uganda. Some of these photos were taken on Poinsettia bushes in Kenya, others on the forest floor in Western Uganda. The one against the bricks is called a Christmas butterfly.  I hope you enjoy them.  Happy New Year.

butterfly 3

blue butterfly 2

christmas butterfly2butterfly 4

bflies 4458 art

Colours of Kibale Book cover

2 thoughts on “African Butterflies

  1. Butterflies… A great way to start the New Year

    Butterflies have always inspired me…. To the ancients, the butterfly was a symbol of rebirth and transformation…

    Fragile, yet strong and resilient, butterflies transcend their earthbound existence by moving through the “dark night” of the chrysalis, and emerging into flight… freedom and beauty. Without entering the darkness of the chrysalis, they would never grow wings to fly.

    I too, grow through the ” dark places” in my life, if I allow them to transform me…

    Thanks John, for your photography… Keep chasing butterflies! 🙂

  2. I love these photos. Hope to see some of these on my next trip. The red butterfly and the blue, white and brown one are particularly striking. Which ones did you see in Western Uganda? When I was there I saw a multitude of white butterflies but I have no photos quite like these!

    Still need to get a copy of your book! My great nieces, in Ithaca, would love me to read it no doubt. They are both budding naturalists. I miss them all dearly, can’t visit due to COVID but I do read to them with FaceTime.

    If you have an extra copy you could deposit it in my little library or what I call my “Book Nook” in front of my house. I will find it there no doubt.

    I cannot match the wisdom in Evelyn’s earlier comment. I can only share in her sentiment. Keep chasing your butterflies, John!

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