Lake Victoria shoreline …

The room that I am staying in now is about 50 metres from the shore of Lake Victoria. I sleep with my screened door open and under a mosquito net. This morning I woke up about 7:30 to the deep croupy bark that I recognized as coming from a hippo. I bounded out of bed and down to the shore in time to catch two big hippos swimming past about 20 metres off shore. It reminded me of seeing dolphins in the Gulf of Mexico … only a little heftier. They would submerge and then come up with a snort for a breath of air as they cruised along the lakeshore.


There is also a pair of African Fish Eagles that have a nest in a high tree behind the local clinic and they have entertained me annually with soaring flights over the shore about sunset.
This year they have not failed me. One seems to have taken to sitting on the bow of a local boat to scan the waters and surrounding area. Last night one of them was perched by the dock, seeming to enjoy the sunset. I tried to get a photo of him but found the light from the sun too bright. But with a little repositioning, his shadow in the setting sun made the photo I was looking for.


2 thoughts on “Lake Victoria shoreline …

  1. Amazing photos… The African Fish Eagle against the sunset is stunning! I recall the slope of the hills in the distance.
    Brings back memories of ICIPE (July 2011) and walks along the Lake Victoria shoreline,
    out onto the quay, accompanied by our ever-faithful security guard, gun in hand to protect us from a hippo rampage 🙂

  2. This takes me back to our time at ICIPE too. It was an amazing adventure. I love reading about your new experiences while travelling. Thanks for sharing!

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