A colourful Kingston weekend – June 20, 2013

I have been drawn to the vibrant colours of the early summer flowers and, like most photographers, can not resist capturing some of these images.Lilies F_filtered

Custom house

The lilies are in a garden just outside the historic Kingston Customs House buliding built in 1856 at the corner of Brock and King Streets.



The pansies are in a pot on my balcony – loving the weather.



This geranium is on a plant that I have in my living room window. It overlooks the lake and watches the Wolfe Island Ferry come and go. I have had this plant (or an offspring of it) for over five years and it currently has 61 buds and blooms on it. Like me, it is very happy to be living by the lake in Kingston.



And Kingston Market Square behind City Hall, of course.

Petunia basket

2 thoughts on “A colourful Kingston weekend – June 20, 2013

  1. I love the lilies, especially the bright RED ones, celebrating Canada Day…. I bought a beautiful RED knit sweater from an artisan, displaying her “one of a kind” creations at Artfest this afternoon. Couldn’t resist! Artfest continues tomorrow at City Park. Go, if you haven’t been yet. You can find amazing treasures at outdoor art and craft festivals!

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