Cottaging on Prince Edward Island

This week I am enjoying a cottage experience with my friends Lorna and Greg at their new “cottage” near Eglington, Prince Edward Island overlooking Fortune Bay.

The beach stretches to the horizon, the conversation is scintillating and often a bit eccentric and we are having a relaxing time. We are imagining how to turn Ty’n-y-maes (Lorna’s name for the cottage) into Bed and Breakfast experience, a drive-through Waffle House, a Spiritual counseling centre or one other less appealing vacation destination idea that combines stool collection and ancestry determination using scrapings from your buccal mucosa and a Neilson’s chocolate wall map of the world. The latter would be more difficult to market, we feel.

We have also learned how to properly apply a snood and misidentified Sandpipers as rare Piping Plovers.

Good times.







3 thoughts on “Cottaging on Prince Edward Island

  1. So neatly and so thoroughly packaged in PEI. It is a wonderful experience to kick the red sands, steam the mussels, drive the Blue Heron Shoreline Road, listen to Anne’s waves near Cavendish and pass the time with friendly folk in the smallest province. Hilary and I had the same pleasures in 2007. Best wishes John…Doug Blair

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