10 years

My friends, Jen and Steven are celebrating their 10th anniversary. I though this was a very loving and yet rational commentary on their ten years as a married couple and want to share this.

Sage flowers

Spence and I wedding

Ten years ago today, a certain Mr. Spencer was crazy enough to marry me.
Three new businesses, a lawsuit, a two-year Kemptville-Ktown commute, trips to Seville, London, and Paris, a theatre company, a feature film, a roadtrip across the US and Canada, a year in California, at least 520 arguments and 1825 hours of laughing later…
Spence and I castle Howard

we’re not as thin.
And we don’t have as much hair.
On our heads.

Marriage is a lot more work than I thought it would be, which surprised me, even though it’s what everyone tells you.
Spencer’s a lot better at it than I am.
He’s got a slower fuse, a stronger work ethic, he keeps the long game in mind instead of freaking out about the little details.

It’s a weird little racket, this marriage thing. You take the one person you’re most passionate about and turn them into a family member…

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