Enamoured with a real “dish”…

I have become infatuated. I know that sometimes these summer flings don’t last long and that there are lots of bumps and changes along the way but recently I have fallen in love and it has held for the past couple of weeks.

I met the object of my affection on my recent trip to the East Coast. Since my return we have spent our dinner times together, enjoying fresh vegetables from the Kingston market, rice, pasta and corn on the cob.

While browsing around a craft shop on East Point of Prince Edward Island I spied just what I had looked for in the past months – a pottery plate that I can eat my meals off in some style.  She has (love) handles and a well-rounded shape. A nice smooth earthy brown – hand-made pottery. Her lips are perfect to hold overflowing dinner juices. She is even good with a dishwasher and microwave. What more could a man want?

I have had dinner with her every night since I came home from my vacation. She makes my meals look (and even taste) splendid. I am waiting for autumn to laden her with spaghetti or stew. (Photos will follow, I’m sure). I will confess now that our friendship has become so intimate that sometimes I lick her clean.

And we are planning to expand the family. I have contacted our matchmaker at the East Point Gift Shop on Prince Edward Island and she is arranging for the potter to send me three more. Soon my friends can also meet my newest infatuation and we can even have a foursome (or threesome or twosome or however many plates we need).

I am hoping this infatuation lasts a while. She has transformed my dinner hour into bliss. I look forward to spending the hour with her every night. I can’t resist photographing her (I hope she doesn’t mind my sharing.)

Pasta vegVegPortob and rice

3 thoughts on “Enamoured with a real “dish”…

  1. This is one of your best. I shall “like” it on your Facebook page :)) Reminds me of that song about the car – I thought it was by the Travelling Wilbury’s.. but after some searching, it appears not. Nay Ringo star… where you think it’s a girl but it’s a car … L.

    Date: Sun, 11 Aug 2013 17:48:18 +0000 To: lmgharris@hotmail.com

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