Mixed emotions

My cherished friend, Jim Owen, died last night. His tired heart just stopped. Although it was not entirely unexpected – he has been struggling to stay alive long enough to get a heart transplant – his passing is sobering. Death is so final.

I will miss Jim. His steady, calm, rational approach to problem-solving has been a beacon to me over the past several years. I am grateful for having him in my life.

Today I feel sadness at losing this friend. But I have also reflected with smiles and inner happiness at the times that Jim and Sue and I have spent together.

Pictures are worth a thousand words. Here are a few thousand words worth of photos that help me remember Jim. He and Sue and I have shared many happy times together.




In 2011 Jim and Sue and I spent Christmas together on Longboat Key, Florida.  Tomorrow I will walk on the beach and think of good times with Jim and Sue.

Already I miss him … he would have been able to help me get around this video being blocked in some places because of copyright restrictions.  😦

6 thoughts on “Mixed emotions

  1. This is very hard time for you and Sue family. Thought i may have never met any of you guy the video and photos does shows you have been good friends. May that love continue to flourish and remain in peace. Michael

  2. Thanks for sharing these good times.I am so thankful for the times we had to work on shows together. They don’t come any better than Jim.

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