Helping educate African children…

One of the mandates for the CanAssist African Relief Trust is to improve education opportunities for children in East Africa by providing infrastructure that will achieve this.

One of the schools funded by CanAssist is the Oltaraja Elementary School in a remote Maasai community in the Rift Valley, Kenya.   CanAssist has built one classroom there and in 2014 will build another.  Children who would otherwise have had to walk several kilometres to a school (or not go at all) will have the opportunity to get some Primary education closer to home.

3 thoughts on “Helping educate African children…

  1. It’s good that the community were involved in creating and designing the project rather than the school just being built as part of a top down project, although to what extent is not shown. Hopefully it won’t lead to any assimilation and loss of culture

    • That is a great comment and question, Emily. CanAssist projects are based on submissions from the communities involved. You can see that this community is really wanting to hold on to many of their traditions but at the same time realize that their children need education if they want to find employment or even survive in this 21st century world. The Maasai have been particularly conscious of this and do their best to preserve their culture while merging into the modern world. The reality is that all cultures do change with time. It is wonderful, however, to see the Maasai embrace “progress” but at the same time hold on to some traditional customs.

      • I agree that they are trying to protect their culture, especially with the problems with land rights that they’ve had with the Kenyan government, it would be a shame if they become fully assimilated. More bottom up approaches like this are needed I think as I see them as more effective for the communities to meet local needs

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