Improving access to Health Care in East Africa

Sometimes in East Africa, health care is not readily available due to the distance to a Clinic or Hospital.  People lack means of transport Ambulances are few or non-existent. Very few people have cars and “roads” are often bumpy overgrown pathways.  This results in people waiting until they are very ill before they look for competent care and by that time it is even more difficult to transport the sick person to a clinic. Many die en route to finding a qualified health care provider.

CanAssist has helped with construction of clinic buildings and provision of hospital equipment, sanitation and water for clinics in

  • Olimai, Uganda,
  • Mbita, Kenya,
  • Gembe East, Kenya
  • and Nyatike District, Kenya.

One of CanAssist’s first projects in 2008 was to complete a laundry facility for a hospital in Tanzania.

In 2012/2013, CanAssist has helped the Kared Fod Women’s Group in Nyatike District of Kenya to build a clinic/dispensary.  A nurse and two community health workers have been supported by grants from the Stephen Lewis Foundation but they had no building from which to work.  CanAssist constructed a clinic building with examining rooms, a small lab and pharmacy in 2012. In 2013 CanAssist put rainwater catchment and latrines in the clinic which opened to serve the public late in October.

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