We CAN be good…

I have been curiously surprised that every time I watch the rescue video of that crane operator stuck out on the boom above a raging fire in Kingston I choke up.

Maybe I am just getting soft in my old age. But there is something very gripping and touching about one human being rescuing another from probable death. It is all the more remarkable that the rescuers were helping a total stranger. (Although the fellow dangling below the helicopter seems to have gotten most of the attention! there was a virtual squadron of Emergency and rescue people involved in making this happen.)  I know it is their “job” but they seem to have done their “job” without questioning the risk to themselves. We owe these people a huge thank you for keeping us safe.

What touches me most is the reassurance that we humans can respond without question when we see one of our own in mortal danger or in need. We are constantly bombarded with news reports about mankind fighting and cheating, manipulating and hurting each other . With this incident, we are reminded that at the core we can be good. I am grateful for that reminder this week. It is an unexpected gift to be reassured that we can and will look after each other.

Anyone using the internet has seen the touching photos and videos of animals braving danger to rescue one of their own. The African Buffalo that save one of their young from lions and a crocodile are dramatic and heart-warming. For me, the heroic aerial rescue that happened right here in my home town is as spectacular.

imagesPhotos from Kingston Whig Standard, CKWS TV and YouTube.

2 thoughts on “We CAN be good…

  1. I must have watched it about five times; it is truly amazing. The helicopter appears out of nowhere, it seems, and the poor fellow was so scared he couldn’t let go of the crane bits. It was an amazing rescue, apparently all the harder because of the rising heat from the fire creating updrafts the pilot had also to contend with. Great post, Lorna p.s. I have been looking for the Xmas CD this week, so far no sign of it. I hope it didn’t go astray. We got someone else’s Christmas card and I got it home before I realized this, and then I LOST it. How, I do not know!

    Date: Thu, 19 Dec 2013 18:02:58 +0000 To: lmgharris@hotmail.com

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