A visit to S.P.

Yesterday I paid a visit to the S.P. Geddes Early Childhood Development Centre near the fishing village of Kamin Oningo on the shore of Lake Victoria in Kenya. The school has been named after my late father who, through the CanAssist African Relief Trust, funded construction of classrooms, a latrine, water tank and fencing for the school.

imageDad’s name is emblazoned on the school gate and a Canadian flag flies proudly beside the Kenyan one in the school grounds.

In addition, when I visited the school two years ago there was a little fellow who they had named Stewart Geddes, in honour of my Dad. This child is now about 2 1/2 years old and wanders around the school like he owns it.



When you ask him what his name is he replies “S.P”. Now this is particularly endearing to me since my mom always lovingly called my Dad “S.P.” I got to have a visit with him and even a cuddle when he fell asleep on my lap. Any parent/grandparent will know just how special this is.




image I also visited the community fishing village where CanAssist provided a latrine where before there was none. The Beach Management Unit Chairman reported that it was being used and maintained and that just the day before the Public Health Officer visited the community and commented how this was a grand health improvement.

I plan to return to the school next week. A Kingston family has asked me, on their behalf to set up a small feeding program at the school to set up better nutrition for the 120 kids who attend. I will work on that and hopefully have photos of the children enjoying a nutritious lunch later in my time here.


3 thoughts on “A visit to S.P.

  1. You Dad’s legacy lives on in the name of this school, in the name of the child and in the good work that is done for many African youngsters. Well done, Stewart!

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