Instant recall

This is my 14th trip to Kenya since 2003. On my first visit I would never have imagined that I would return so often. Between visits there are things that get shelved in the back of my mind but quickly come back when I return. Anyone who has traveled here will relate and if you have not visited East Africa here is a taste of what I hope you get to experience some time.

Eating pineapple every day, every meal. Pineapple that was picked yesterday and actually tastes like pineapple.

Sitting in the dark in my room at night so not to attract the little lake flies that are everywhere but drawn to the light.

Being the only mzungu on the Main Street and not realizing it until someone says “good morning white man” or a woman shakes your hand and then scampers away to yell to a friend “I just greeted a mzungu”.

Piki piki motorcycle drivers who want to take you anywhere, everywhere.

Hearing the occasional hippo grunt in the lake just in front of my room.

Incredible sunsets every night.

imageWaking up to the sound of birds outside my room. Seeing fish Eagles along the shore of the lake every day.

Sleeping under a bed net and remembering to take my meds every day because of the significant risk of malaria.

Kids wanting to pet my hairy arms.


Thinking I am getting a tan but finding that it all washes off I’m the shower.
Sleeping with the patio door beside my bed wide open and listening to the waves and the fishermen out on the lake at night.

imageStoney’s Tangawizi, a Coca Cola ginger soda I have only found here.

The occasional 3 ft long monitor lizard suddenly scurrying out of my way through the long grass.


imageKids squealing with glee when I show them the photo I  just took of them.

Little drops of lizard poop in the bathroom but no sign of its owner.

No ice cream.

Frequent Electrical blackouts.

Remembering to brush my teeth with bottled water.

Donkeys and cows wandering unattended in the market, Main Street and even in the middle of a highway.

Feeling embarrassed and almost ashamed that I am often treated with special privilege only because I am white. Actually pink is more accurate after the equatorial sun exposure.


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