A safari to Africa usually includes a visit to a game park or two to witness the incredible biodiversity of the wildlife here.

I have done that several time. This visit has been about people. I have been to 21 different schools, clinics and community organizations during the three weeks I have been here.

The only wildlife I have to share are birds and butterflies and cows on the road. The odd monitor lizard scurried away from me but too quickly to get a photo.

There were also a group of Evangelists from the southern U.S. here at a God Loves Kenya festival but I didn’t get photos of them. One of them was trying to get me to go to a parents and children camp somewhere in Northern California. I told him my “children” were all about 40 with families of their own. “How about a couples camp then?” he asked. Just to see what he would say, I asked if they include same-sex couples. You might imagine the look on his face and his response makes a longer story than I can relate here. What fun.









2 thoughts on “Wildlife

  1. Do you include the Evangelists among the “incredible biodiversity of wildlife”? Sounds as though you are finding them quite an amusing spectacle! 😎

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