Lazy summer weekend in Kingston

I have been a bit lazy about blogging over the summer. Outdoors. On the move. Every once in a while, pulled out my phone to grab a photo.  So since a picture is worth 1000 words, here are a few thousand to illustrate the sultry weekend we have had in Kingston, Canada.  Summer doesn’t last long enough!

IMG_0021IMG_0028IMG_0024IMG_7971IMG_2060IMG_7975 (1)IMG_2114

1 thought on “Lazy summer weekend in Kingston

  1. Hello John,
    You certainly have an artistic sensibility and an eye for colours, proportions, lighting, etc. You give Kingston a lustre, an attractiveness which we sometimes forget in our daily round of activities. You make it a destination—a place to see and enjoy with new eyes!
    Thank you for sharing!
    Ellie Beach.

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