2016 East Africa Safari in photos.  Part 1. Nkuyan School.

I am presently on Safari in East Africa with a group of Canadian supporters of the CanAssist African Relief Trust. During our 18 days in Kenya and Uganda we will visit many communities and schools that have benefited from the funding of infrastructure projects through CanAssist and review plans for some that are upcoming in the next year.

One of our group, Nancy Grew, is also blogging as we go along.  If you would like to follow is as we travel her blogspot blog is at Grew’s News 3. You can access it here.

I will post some photos with brief captions as we move along. Karibuni.
Our first day out was a long one to the very rural Adam Nkuyan School.  This was one of our first CanAssist projects and the existence of the school where there was barren land before has bought life to the community and is providing a chance for education for the students who live there.  Next year they will graduate their first class 8 students.  A real achievement.


The long bumpy trip to Nkuyan School was made that much longer by a blowout!


Recent rains made some of the roads a challenge for the truck.



We receved the usual hospital welcome from the Nkuyan community.


My granddaughter, Maddy, was popular with the Maasai boys!

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