Safari 2016  Part 9 Mbita District

CanAssist has several projects past and present in the Mbita, Kenya and Rusinga Island area on the shores of Lake Victoria. We visited three schools there – Kanyala Little Stars,  Hope School and the Kaswanga Girls Secondary School.  At each visit we received a warm welcome, thanks for the help we have given them and the anticipation of ongoing connection.


Students at Kanyala Little Stars


Calssrooms at Kanyala Little Stars that were funded by CanAssist in 2015


CanAssist building at Hope School


student at Hope School reads frome one of the books brought bt CanAssist.


CanAssist trustees, Judith and John , relive scool days at one of the desks recently built by CanAssist for Hope School.




Nancy Grew takes in the view of Homa Bay on our hike up to Kaswanga Girls School. Nancy is blogging about our expedition at Grew’s News 3



CanAssist funded water storage twnks at Kaswanga School in 2105 and this year will work on improving sanitwtion at the school by building new latrines.

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