A delightful Sunday morning

This morning I wandered down the road with Dan and Mercy and Heather Maddie to go to St Ann’s Catholic Church, a small tin-roofed church at the top of a hill by the main road. I am not a church-goer in Canada but have always felt uplifted after going to Church in Africa. This morning was no exception.

The church was packed to the brim. This was taken from about half way back.

There were no empty spaces on the wooden bench pews that were packed tightly with people of all ages and I was the only “muzungu” in the congregation of about 250. Although the church was Catholic there was minimal ritual and formality. Down the road there was another evangelical church with a preacher blaring into a microphone.

I ended up sitting with Dan in the choir section right in the midst of the music. How delightful was that? The choir director played on a digital keyboard that was hooked up to a car battery.

I found myself swaying and humming along not understanding many words as it was mostly Luo language but the energy and joy needed no translation. Everyone was singing and dancing. What a treat! A dramatic contrast to church services in Canada!

After Church I met outside with a Youth Group that Dan mentors and there was also folks from the nearby community hospital giving COVID vaccines under a tree in the yard. I will write more about COVID in an upcoming post.

The local hospital had an outreach COVID vaccination clinic under a tree in the churchyard after the service.
When we got home, Heather Maddie suggested that we do a family photo.

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