What’s next?

Whenever I have international visitors I am proud to take them to Ottawa to see our nation’s capital and, in particular, to roam around Parliament Hill. They are always astounded that ordinary citizens can get so close to our government offices and feel ownership for this part of our culture.

There are usually RCMP security personnel stationed around the hill but they are often inconspicuous and never intrusive or threatening.

This morning, about an hour a go now, a soldier who was stationed at the War Memorial was shot. A couple of days ago, another soldier was killed in a “terrorist” attack by a fanatical Canadian jehadist. That attacker was killed and ISIS is praising him as a hero. What exactly is happening right now on Parliament Hill is not clear.

Canada has recently entered the “war” against ISIS by contributing planes to the international campaign in Iraq. Is today’s event in Ottawa a consequence of that involvement or just an act of violence by an individual copycat.

These two events will likely bring about changes in security. I mourn the loss of our collective innocence. I also know that my home town of Kingston with its Royal Military College and Armed Forces Base will be on some terrorist’s “list”. That thought is sobering.

It was really only a matter of time. What’s next?

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