The day after

Today, in Ottawa, it seems that the government is planning to carry on as normal.  This, I think, is an appropriate response to the attempt at intimidation by a fanatic.  Terrorists want to inject fear and disrupt.  By going back to work (after gathering outdoors at the War Memorial to sing O Canada and remember the slain soldier), our Members of Parliament have put actions to their declarations that “We will not be intimidated.”

I am proud of their response. This is what it is to be Canadian.

I do hope that, in the upcoming weeks, there is positive focus on this breach of security in Ottawa.  The easy thing (as with the Ebola crisis)  is to look back and blame and pose all sorts of questions that are much more evident in hindsight than when a problem is developing.  We need to learn from the past but also be calm, patient and determined and avoid name-calling and partisan mud-slinging.

Yesterday was a traumatic day for Canada.  It was reassuring to see a swift, professional and thorough response to the crisis and CBC news coverage was responsible and not hysterical.

I am glad to be Canadian.

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