Interstellar – not that stellar for me.

I wondered, as I watched the movie Interstellar, how award-winning actors like Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway, Matt Damon and Michael Caine could deliver such corny dialogue with straight faces. The movie was certainly an epic. Big. And long. Full of loud noise that virtually shook the theater, expansive visuals and swelling musical accompaniment to enhance the drama.

The movie tried too hard to be cerebral. The monologues on themes of time and love and parenthood and saving the world were just too implausible for me to believe. Some of the technical language and explanations didn’t ring true for me either. Maybe I’m just not a fan of this genre of film, whatever that might be.

imageIt didn’t help that my movie admission came with a large popcorn and a gallon of root beer which, after nearly 3 hours in the theater caused my bladder to be the size of a basketball. Was all the talk about relativity of time and different dimensions to help me understand that the two hour and 48 minute running time was only feeling like four years? And I really shouldn’t have been yawning when they were making that umpteenth docking attempt with all that noise and music or rolling my eyes at some of the dialogue or plot twists.

I would find it difficult to recommend this movie although I am sure that there are people who enjoy science fiction and space who would find it enjoyable. If you go, it might be best to choose the 3-D version to see because the visuals certainly are stunning and would be even more so in the 3-D format. The musical organ references to 2001 A Space Odyssey did make me smile.

I would give the movie three stars out of five.

I loved 2001 A Space Odyssey when it came out in 1968. It was ground-breaking. And this music gave me goosebumps. Still does when cranked up loud.

2 thoughts on “Interstellar – not that stellar for me.

  1. The problem arises from casting a movie where all the male leads’ first names start with M. Watching it in 3-D would have been a good idea as you would not have been distracted by the dialogue. But, lucky you, you can get what I imagine is much the same depth of dialogue from watching Matthew McC pontificate in the monologue he gives while driving a Lincoln in that insufferable ad, “Sometimes you have to go back to go forward and then press on … ” Deep deep stuff: like a gallon of root beer. You may have guessed that aside from 2001 A Space Odyssey, I am not wild about science fiction (except for Galaxy Quest, which is hilarious).

    • Last year I liked Matthew McC. I thought Dallas Buyer’s Club was the best movie I saw last year and his brief appearance in Wolf of Wall Street (MM in WofW) were the best five minutes of that movie. In Interstellar, I wondered how Ann Hathaway didn’t gag on her monologue about love (it made me gag watching it) or Matt Damon as he talked about parenthood. I haven’t read any other reviews on this movie. I will have to think if I am off the common mark. Won’t change my opinion.

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