Just a little more time …

I had a Christmas cactus for over 30 years.  It grew woody and eventually just gave up the ghost when I moved it from its happy place in my house to my apartment.  Last year I thought I would replace it and bought a small pink plant while doing my grocery shopping one day in November.

Cactus 1

This new plant didn’t like the move to my apartment either. It wilted, the buds dropped off and it looked … sickly.  Many of its green stalks became yellowed and wilted and fell off.  I nursed it along and barely kept it alive.  Many times I thought of tossing it but for some reason … it was alive after all …  I kept it.

Cact 2

I moved it to a spot closer to the window in late September. It perked up. Buds started to form.  This week it has rewarded me for hanging in with a fantastic, full display of vibrant pink flowers.  I look at it as the plant’s way of thanking me for not giving  up on it.

This plant has reminded me of a lesson I always try to remember. As long as there is a hint of hope we should not throw in the towel.  Never Surrender.

“Never Surrender”   Corey Hart  1985

Just a little more time Is all we’re asking for

‘Cause just a little more time
Could open closing doors
Just a little uncertainty
Can bring you down And nobody wants to know you now
And nobody wants to show you how

So if you’re lost and on your own
You can never surrender
And if your path won’t lead you home
You can never surrender

And when the night is cold and dark
You can see, you can see light
Cause no one can take away your right
To fight and to never surrender

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