5 thoughts on “COVID-19. Social Distancing. It’s not just about grandma!

  1. Thanks again, John for an informative and logical read about such an important issue. A question: It is said that COVID-19 can exist on a surface for several days. Are we at risk over things delivered to our homes? I am thinking the newspaper, mail, or even Amazon parcels. Not wanting to get paranoid here, but is there a risk if the mailman or delivery guy has the virus, touches an item and then we touch it?

    • I think there is no absolutely right answer to this question, Molly. But what I have read is that paper and cardboard are a lot less likely to harbour the virus, for long anyway. We can’t go without touching anything! Hard surfaces are more likely to support the virus for longer periods but might also be easier to wipe down and clean. Other humans will be touching our stuff. Stocking shelves at the grocery store etc. If you handle something that you are anxious about, discard it (envelopes or boxes) or set it aside or clean it if you will reuse it and wash your hands.

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