4 thoughts on “COVID-19 update. We are Social Distancing. Why are the numbers going up?

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  2. I am so sorry…people are not social distancing. Many of us are, but a lot of people consider this “exaggerated.” We somehow need to get the word out. I also think that people who have been in the States may have received different messaging and just be acclimatizing to the Canadian stance on this. I think targeted messaging at places such as Walmart and Giant Tiger could be very very useful. Don’t drive past the parking lots at 4:00pm. You’ll have trouble sleeping. I have a lot of compassion for these folks who are just not getting the project yet, but we somehow need to work as a big team.

    • You are right, Maggie. Teamwork is the key. I think we all, and I include myself in the “all”, have trouble grasping the scope of this. We have never seen anything like it in our lifetime. And it is really hard to stay two metres away from everyone when getting some groceries, for example. In the very short run this might be doable without some sort of very draconian edicts from government like they have had in China or Spain and Italy. I think the scope of this is overwhelmingly difficult to understand. But if we can even put a huge dint in the number of cases by minimizing contact or potential spread at all it will help. The next couple of weeks will tell us, in Canada, if we have been able to make any difference with whatever behaviours we have attempted to change. Thanks for your comment. Dialogue about this is important.

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