Safari 2016  Part 7. Kamin Oningo beach community – learning about fuel-saving cooking

CanAssist has helped this fishing beach community to improve their sanitation with construction of latrines, a bathing building and hand washing station.  In conjunction with our visit to this village, Gabriella Zamojski has arranged to distribute some solar cookers and fuel saving stoves to some of the community who turned out in droves to see how these works and get a delicious, nutritious meal totally prepared using solar heat. 


Food was prepared in the morning, set out in the solar cookers amd by 1 full meals were ready to be eaten.



In addition to the solar cooking units for the community, Gabrella also facilitated the purchase of a fuel- efficient wood burning “rocket” stove for the S.P. Geddes school though CanAssist. The school reports that food cooks more quickly and with about 10% of the fuel compared to the open fire they were using before.

A new Gelateria … in Sassuolo, Italy

I am fortunate to have friends in Italy that welcome me to their home when I want to visit. I forget between visits what a good cooks Gloria and her mother, Maria, are.

Last year's Easter dinner for me was Gloria's home-made tortellini.

Last year’s Easter dinner for me was Gloria’s home-made tortellini.

The meals are a tasty variety of home-made dishes combined with good company. How lucky I am to enjoy this when I visit these wonderful friends.

My first meal on the evening I arrived last spring was one of my favourites – Pasta Genovese. This is a combination of pipe rigate pasta cooked with green beans and little chunks if potato and coated with a home-made pesto (olive oil, basil, pine nuts). Gloria chooses whatever pasta she cooks to match the sauce and it is always done to perfection. (Yes, Sherri Robinson, I have promised you the recipe for this and I have not forgotten).

Lunch à la Gloria.  Minestrone with Parmesan, Crusts of Italian Bread and some home-made red wine.

Lunch à la Gloria. Minestrone with Parmesan, Crusts of Italian Bread and some home-made red wine.

In the morning I was greeted with some espresso coffee. Maria and Silvano (Gloria’s parents) had arrived before I awoke and brought with them some home-made ricotta cheese from the farm. I had brought some maple syrup from Canada and so our breakfast great was a little bowl of ricotta cheese drizzled with maple syrup. Cheesecake without the cake.

For lunch we had minestrone soup sprinkled with Parmesan cheese and torn pieces of Italian bread. This was followed by chunks of spare ribs with fresh strawberries ( in season here since late February) for dessert. All meals except the breakfast are accompanied by sloshes of home-made wine poured into juice glasses. The wine has a slight effervescence to it and makes a delightful pop when the cork is released.

My friend Antonio has opened a gelateria in Sassuolo, Italy.

My friend Antonio has opened a gelateria in Sassuolo, Italy.


We also always make a trip to a Pizzeria in Sassuolo run by Luca and Gloria’s friend, Antonio.  He keeps serving us up pizzas that he makes up as he goes along until we are full.  I always get something with truffles on it, my favourite.  Well, this weekend, Luca sent me a photo of Antonio in his new Gelateria.   Now, after pasta (and wine) my favourite indulgence in Italy is gelato. Nothing like it.   Now that Antonio has his own Gelateria, I look forward to my next visit…dessert after one of his spectacular pizzas!