Feeling proud…

When my grandson turned six, he decided that, instead of having kids bring him presents for his birthday party, he would have them bring a bit of money that he gave to me to take to Kenya to share with school kids there.  I was able to buy a soccer ball and books for three schools with the money he collected.  I also took a photo of him to each school.

When I returned to one of the schools a year later the children asked me “How is Noah Budd?”  They knew that he had helped them and were wanting to send greetings.  Last year it took me by surprise when I was in the office of yet another school and saw Noah’s photo on the wall.    I was delighted to make Noah aware that these children were grateful and appreciative of his generosity.

Maia 3In May, Noah’s sister, Emma,  sent me $10 of her birthday money and this afternoon, in the mail, I got a note and $10 fromtheir sister, Maia, who turns five today, money for the CanAssist African Relief Trust.

I am so proud of these kids (and their parents) for sharing their good fortune with others.

I have also gone to elementary schools where the kids have been very enthusiastic and motivated to help others in Africa.  Ms Paré’s Grade 4-5 class at Glenburnie School gathered $1300 this spring and this money is now being put to use to construct school furnishings for the St Catherine School in Kenya.

CanAssist  has also had generous support from children at Sweet’s Corners School, Rideau Vista School,  and Inglewood School in Toronto.

These kids seem to just realize that with really very little effort and sacrifice on their part (mainly enthusiasm and motivating others) they can make a really significant difference to the lives of children in Africa.

I am moved and proud of all of them for their altruism and I hope that their parents and neighbours and aunts and uncles can take a lesson from them and reach out to help others both at  home and in the developing world – because we can assist.

Kids at the Kanyala Little Stars School in Mbita Kenya sing a song for Noah Budd.

Beautiful Kenyan kids …

In July I related the story of Jerry O, a young Kenyan orphan boy whose story surprised me and touched my heart.

You can read the blog article here : The story of Jerry O.

Today I visited the Hope School in Mbita Kenya and in one classroom the teacher plunked this kid into my arms. “Here is your friend, Jerry”

His problems continue but the child looks robust and is obviously being cared for by the school and his adoptive mother. A delight to see him again.

Me and Jerry O.  - 2012/2013

Me and Jerry O. – 2012/2013

On Tuesday morning I also met Lorraine Kathryn, six month old daughter of Kennedy Onyago who was name was taken from that of my mom (Lorraine) and my daughter (Kathryn) and granddaughter (Cate Lorraine). I introduced you to little Stewart Geddes last week … Well, meet Lorraine Kathryn (Kathy) today! Another Geddes namesake – an honour for our family.

Lorraine Kathryn (Kathy) Onyango

Lorraine Kathryn (Kathy) Onyango