March 6, 2016

Today seemed like we were on the brink of spring – a clear, sunny, cold day in early March that promises springtime but hangs on to the vestiges of winter.   Lake Ontario had been made smooth by the partial melting of the surface ice in the sunshine.  Students couldn’t resist walking or skating or skimming over the frozen lake with ice boats.

Pictures always worth 1000 words.

My  friends in Africa won’t quite comprehend how the lake could be like this.


Bright day.jpegwindmills.jpegLake walk Mar.jpegyacht club.jpegIce lake walk.jpegIce lake 1.jpeg


It’s winter folks! Embrace it.

Today has been a beautiful, cold, crisp, clear wintery day in Kingston. Fresh white snow, blue skies, lots of sunshine. My friends in Africa would find this unbelievable. The sun is shining and it is minus 10 degrees. But if you bundle up and soak in the beauty it is truly incredible.

A few photos to prove it.





Frosty morning in Kingston

I couldn’t resist bundling up and taking my camera down to the lake shore in front of my apartment building early this morning. It was a frigid -17C but the sun was trying to break through and the wind was whistling fine snow over the breakwater.  Stunning.

Winter 3a

WinterWinter 2

Winter 5

Several thousand words …

A picture can be worth 1000 words, apparently.  This week the combination of freezing rain followed by minus 15 degree temperatures coated the trees with ice that has stayed for a few days, even in the bright sunshine.  The result was a spectacular glitter. I will let the photos speak for themselves.

Ice and Berries F

Ellie Snow

Leaves and ice F

Icy Branches

Ice on fence BW F

Ice and berries2

Ice and Sun F

Merry Christmas.